Drilling Management

Drilling Management

North Rim has developed a dynamic team that can design and manage your drilling program. North Rim can provide the following Drilling Management Services:

  • Well and casing design for exploration wells
  • Obtain and compare bids from drilling contractors and from all service/supply companies including coring, cementing, logging, etc.
  • Manage site environmental review, survey and construction of location
  • Acquire approval for well licences from regulatory bodies. (SMER, ERCB, OGC)
  • Generate drilling programs that are NI 43-101 or NI 51-101 compliant
  • Manage drilling and coring operations while keeping the client informed by conducting:
    • Daily telecons with operator and involved parties
    • Daily reports to operator and involved parties
    • Day-to-day cost management
  • Provide drilling reports of daily activity
  • Provide experience certified wellsite supervisors through on-going contracts

Full Procurement Drilling

On behalf of our clients North Rim will budget, manage and operate drilling projects in many different commodities. North Rim has provided full procurement services to our clients since 2010. Clients benefit from our confidence in our team and strong relationships with service companies, resulting in enhanced project management and reduced administration for our clients.

  • Successful Track Record: North Rim has successfully designed and or managed numerous drilling programs for clients such as: Mosaic Esterhazy Inc., Canada Potash Corp., Yancoal Canada Corp, Potash One (Now K+S Canada), North Atlantic Potash, M&J Potash and Encanto Potash. We have completed the following types of wells and programs:
    • Completed over 20 full procurement wells in Saskatchewan
    • All wells were completed on time and within the forecasted budget
    • Have completed stratigraphic, whipstock, disposal and pilot type wells
  • Cost Effectiveness: Due to North Rim's previous procurement experience, we are able to enter into new projects effortlessly and efficiently. This saves money as all project plans and information formats are predesigned.
  • Achievable Schedule and Scope of Work: North Rim's project plan is realistic based on industry and past drilling experience. The project plan can be tailored to meet the clients overall project timeline and financial and project objectives. North Rim's goal is to save on time and costs without compromising the overall project objectives, safety or quality.
  • Industry Expertise: North Rim is a leading expert in the Potash Industry and has completed more than 170 potash related projects throughout the world of which 40 are related specifically to drilling management, program design and field type support projects.