Sectors of Practice

Potash and Evaporites:

North Rim provides mineral resource, NI 43-101 and JORC compliant reports, mining concept, and mining integrity studies to the potash and storage industries with projects ranging from grassroots (“greenfield”) exploration assessments to operating mining settings. Key potash and industrial minerals projects include exploration for calcium and magnesium brines (1989-1991), subsurface disposal of mining waste (1993), evaluation and categorization of inflow potential for operating potash mines (1994–current), development of sequence stratigraphy for potash mining applications (2001-current), and regional potash exploration in Saskatchewan, United States and several other international evaporite basins (2005–current).

Due Diligence Reviews:

North Rim provides financial companies with due diligence reviews of public or private projects at various stages of exploration or development. Technical reports generated are fully compliant with NI 43-101 or JORC Standards.

Geological Modelling & Geostatistics:

North Rim can provide three dimensional modelling services, including solid, grid and hybrid models. Block modelling, with geostatistical analyses, including variography, Kriging and simulation are offered. Outcomes include resource estimation and classification, uncertainty management and associated geostatistically derived results.

Oil & Gas:

North Rim provides extensive services in oil and gas ranging from regional geological studies to drilling supervision, full procurement, production optimization, reservoir management through to well abandonment. Experienced oil and gas professionals can support your technical decisions and provide recommendations for optimization. Well and reservoir surveillance resulting in overall optimization (well stimulations, by-passed pay, drilling recommendations, etc.) is a special interest as is forecasting and production analysis. Financial and accounting staff is experienced in handling day to day invoice tracking during drilling operations or during normal oil and/or gas field production operations. The following are specific examples of work North Rim can offer:

  • Light Conventional Oil: North Rim provides regional stratigraphic and sedimentological mapping, pool-scale reservoir characterization, and exploration and development prospects to a wide variety of clients. Key petroleum projects include provision of subsurface studies to regional petroleum “wildcat” exploration efforts such as the Winnipegosis (1985), the Ordovician Red River (1994), the McCully gas discovery of onshore New Brunswick (2002), and the Bakken oil reservoir of southeast Saskatchewan (2004). North Rim has provided technical support for companies with land and facility holdings by reviewing current status and recommending the way forward.
  • Heavy Oil: North Rim has previously been the Project Managers for Rallyemont Energy Inc. North Rim was responsible for all aspects of the project including prospect generation, land selection and acquisition, budget generation, Enhanced Oil Recovery research, calculation of geological OIP values, and drill program design and execution and project development operations.


North Rim provides regional stratigraphic and sedimentological mapping, exploration-scale deposit characterization, and exploration and development prospects to Saskatchewan-based coal exploration companies. Key coal exploration projects presently include all tasks related to the NuCoal Energy Corp “South50” southern Saskatchewan lignite coal-to-liquids project. North Rim has also acted as exploration advisor and program manager for Westcore Energy, Wescan Goldfields and Saturn Minerals Ltd. for their Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan coal exploration projects. North Rim can also provide support for Vulcan 3D modeling.


North Rim provides diamond drill program design and management, Geophysical Program management and geological services to the Uranium sector. North Rim has worked extensively in the Athabasca basin for companies such as Cameco and Areva. North Rim also provides training seminars for non-geologists or recently graduated geologists.

First Nations:

North Rim provides general geological services including resource estimations and “mineral loss of use” assessments to First Nations in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario. Key projects include the mapping of natural gas resources for the Thunderchild and Saulteaux First Nations, oil resources for the Sakimay and Ocean Man First Nations, and “mineral loss of use” studies for the Pelly Haylands, Fort William, Siksika, and Cote First Nations.

Exploration Management and Advisement:

North Rim has generated petroleum prospects to a variety of operating oil and natural gas companies, including Wedona Energy, Wedona Energy II, and Long View Resources Corp.

Fields of Expertise

Mineral Resource, Mining Integrity, and Mining Concept Studies:

“Mineral Resource” includes identification, description, and mapping of specific mineral (i.e. potash, coal) sequences in terms of economic potential. “Mining Integrity” seeks to define factors that may have an impact upon sustained safe and economic mining, such as estimation of water and/or brine inflow potential, mineral grade variations within the mining bed, and geological support for geophysical surveys. “Mining Concept” describes engineering studies focused upon delineating potential mining blocks and preliminary mine planning.

Disposal Well Services:

Design and evaluating disposal wells for use in potash mining operations or oil and gas applications. Part of this service includes cost estimations for drilling and completions according to the well design.

Regional Subsurface Analysis:

This refers to the evaluation of subsurface data, including borehole geophysical logs, drill cores and cuttings, and geophysical surveys, to provide interpretations of oil, natural gas, brine and coal resources and the potential for their economic exploitation.

Reservoir Characterization:

North Rim undertakes detailed, pool-scale studies of the stratigraphy, sedimentology, and reservoir description (porosity, permeability, oil saturation) of petroleum and brine-bearing reservoirs with the intent being to define opportunities for enhanced production.

Exploration Management, Advisement and Drilling Procurement:

North Rim has formulated exploration programs, including design, budgeting, and operation of geophysical (seismic) surveys and surface drilling operations. North Rim provides onsite geological supervision including preparation of coring program, core quality control measures, well testing interval selection and interpretation, and RQD and Q-testing. Our vast experience in this area allows our team to accurately estimate drilling costs from well licensing to well abandonment which allows our clients to effectively manage their exploration budgets.

Business Advisory Services:

North Rim provides business advisory services to management teams of resource companies in the areas of corporate financial strategy, risk analysis and governance.  Financial models are developed for specific projects to evaluate the economic potential of developing a project, the economic impact of variations in the factors impacting the profitability of the project, and to determine acceptable tolerances for resource costs and information to support the company’s business.


North Rim’s geomatics group is an innovative and cutting edge group that is derived from our staff’s extensive years of experience in the field. The team uses their experience, creativity and energy to make every project technically accurate as well as eye catching.

Professional and Community Development

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) Certificate of Authorization C905 1997 – present
  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM) Certificate of Authorization #3184 2002 – present
  • Member of the Consulting Engineers of Saskatchewan (CES)
  • Member of Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM)
  • Member of ISNetworld
  • 2009 SABEX Award Finalist for Growth and Expansion, Business of the Year