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Corporate Profile

  • Key academic specialties include the sedimentology and stratigraphy of potash, petroleum, and other industrial mineral resources, with the focus of practice being subsurface geology, i.e. the examination of well logs, cores, cuttings, and other geophysical data in order to create an integrated geological and/or resource interpretation.
  • Specialty is subsurface geology specializing in stratigraphy, sedimentology, and resource valuation drawing upon a diverse technical background of potash, petroleum and other resource exploration and development projects in western Canadian, Williston and northern US Rockies basins and international locations.
  • Provided consulting services to the industry since 1984 during which time over 100 potash and evaporite projects completed since 1989 and over 100 petroleum exploration and development projects since 1984 undertaken for a wide variety of clients.
  • Generated a wide variety of exploration and development petroleum prospects that have led to consistent drilling success and reserves additions.
  • Provided technical support to strategic exploration and development activities, technical due diligence, and design and management of drilling programs.
  • Proven technical staff capable of working as exploration/development technical teams with consistent project success.